Breaking down the basics of online roulette play

It can be argued that the most popular online casino game today is online roulette. This age-old game of charm and novelty seems to be doing a fantastic job of giving modern games a run for their money, as millions still opt to spin the wheel on a daily basis. Part of the reason as to why roulette’s popularity has remained steady for seemingly decades is that it is a true game of chance, which puts a player’s luck to the ultimate test. When it comes to roulette anyone can play and more importantly anyone can win. Those looking to get in on the wheel spinning action needn’t overthink the game, as the following looks at how to get to grips with its basics.

Understand the Wheel

Here is an odd piece of trivia; the term “Roulette” is actually the French term for “Small Wheel”. The wheel is the core instrument within the game of roulette and is something that must be studied in order to get the very best out of it. Made up of 36 randomly number pockets which alternate between the colours red and black, along with a green “zero” pocket and sometimes a “double zero” pocket, numbers and colours are found at the core of this game. Depending on the variation of online roulette you choose to play the type of wheel you see will change, but generally speaking the aforementioned is what you’re likely to come across. The digital croupier is the one who controls the game, while players are only able to bet at the beginning of each game round.

Understand the Wagers

The game roulette offers up a finite number of bets, largely as the game does not expand beyond the wheel in question. The most common form of bet is red or black; this is where a player simply bets on the colour outcome of the spin, offering up a close to 50/50 chance of winning. Odds or evens is another bet that takes on a similar setup. The real fun of roulette comes when a player veers away from the traditional bet types. Mixing up the numbers, creating strategies, and embracing risk all help make online roulette a fun game to play. Inside bets, outside bets, square bets, five-number bets, street bets, and split bets are all worth looking into should you want to play online roulette.

Understand the Rules

Online roulette isn’t like other casino table games, as it is by no means a free for all. There are rules that must be adhered to should you wish start playing and remain playing the game. When you place a bet that’s it, it is done and can’t be altered until the wheel lands. Unlike poker there is no betting ‘round system’ in place. The table is cleared after each single round as well, meaning that no funds carry over. Exclusive to the digital realm online casino games also have behavioural rules too. Players must act accordingly by respecting others and not exhibiting any aggressive or abusive behaviour in the live chat comment box.

Understand how to get the most out of the game

If you want to make your stay at the online roulette table a lengthy one then you need to think about bonuses and promotions. Commonly found through an online casino portal, these bonuses offer players the chance to do two things. For players who are still apprehensive about playing online roulette, an online casino bonus allows them to trial the game for free. Those who have a little more experience can use a bonus to extended game time and try out new betting strategies. You can find a big list of casino online at, that are focused on Roulette in particular, so make sure you check with them before signing up to a new casino.

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